Garden Flowers

All the flowers you can imagine are grouped here for you to discover exactly the flower that will match your landscaping ambitions. Take a look around!

Beardtongue, flowers all summer long

With their bells that make them foxglove-lookalikes, Penstemon varieties – also called Beardtongue – gives flower beds bright colors in summer. They bloom from May to October.
beardtongue - penstemon

Winter garden boxes

Even in the midst of winter, there are many plants that will lend their beauty to balconies, terraces and windowsills, whatever the container.
Winter garden box

Unique hydrangea

Hydrangeas are highlights of summer with magnificent flowers in hues from pink to blue. Easy to care for, they are unique flowering shrubs.
Unique hydrangea

Outdoor ZZ planting, potting and care

The ZZ plant is a beautiful leaf plant, but it fears cold, wet outdoor weather. Outdoor ZZ plant facts Name – Zamioculcas zamiifolia Common – ZZ plant, emerald palm Hardiness – 32°F (0°C) Outdoor Height – 2-3 feet (0.6-1 m) Soil type: well draining        –         Exposure: part shade, shade This fabulous glossy leaf […]
zz plant landscaping

Kahili ginger, the ginger lily flower

Kahili ginger isn’t grown for spice: it’s a beautiful flower! Key Ginger lily facts Name – Hedychium gardnerianum Common – ginger lily, kahili ginger Family – Zingiberaceae Type – rhizome perennial Height – 2 to 5 feet (60 to 150 cm) Exposure – full sun, part sun Soil: ordinary, cool      –      Flowering: summer to late fall Planting kahili […]
Kahili ginger

Red hot poker, huge fiery flowers!

The red hot poker is a flower native to South Africa with succulent leaves. Key facts to remember Name – Kniphofia Family – Liliaceae Type – perennial
red hot poker

First flowers to bloom in spring

After drab winter months, what a joy to see first flowers appear! Fresh bursts of color appear in flower beds, hedges and on taller trees. Here are the first flowers to appear in spring, signaling that finally, the weather has taken a turn for the better.
Barn with blue and yellow spring flowers

Erica carnea, the winter heather

Spreading out to form wonderful carpets of color at the heart of winter, Erica carnea can beat bad weather to the point of sprouting through a blanket of snow. A choreography of white, pink and purple bells swells up from beneath the monotonous white winter mantle. Is this not proof that this small, hardy shrub […]
Erica carnea - winter heath

English lavender varieties

English lavender is one of the most famous lavenders. Many varieties exist to decorate our gardens. These tend to be hardier than other types of lavender, making them great for planting in colder areas. English Lavender varieties, key facts Name – Lavandula angustifolia How many varieties – 200+ Height – 2+ to 4 feet (60-90 […]
Varieties of English lavender

Winter flowers for outdoor garden boxes

Tending to flowers in planters comes naturally in spring and summer, they’re perfect for dressing up our decks and balconies. But winter is also a season where flowers and colors abound!
Heather and other winter flowers in a a stone garden box

White hellebore, pearly white flowers in winter

Though it’s certainly the most famous one, Helleborus niger isn’t the only white hellebore in the world. There are indeed a good twenty species within the Helleborus genus, each of which is again subdivided into many varieties. Of these, there are quite a few hellebore with white flowers.
Single white hellebore
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